Tamir Moscovici

Born in Tel Aviv, Tamir (MOS) Moscovici, lived in Toronto before moving to Montreal to study film at Concordia University. After graduating with a bachelor of fine arts, specialization in film production Tamir perused a career in filmmaking. Since 1995 Tamir has directed documentaries, commercials, music videos, and short films. Filmmaking has taken Tamir around the world in the pursuit of storytelling. Subjects range, but all have one thing in common, a combination of strong visuals and a realism that can range from glossy to gritty, but always honest.

CCDI - Cologne
CCDI - Cologne
Coors Light - Journey
David Suzuki
MOECC - David Suzuki
Urban Outlaw
Magnus Walker - Urban Outlaw
Pushing the Virtual Divide
KAZ - Pushing the Virtual Divide
Porsche - GT4
MDA - Gunman