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erste liebe represents strong creative talent from diverse disciplines.
the term „erste liebe“ means „first love“ in english:
we love to produce every project with fresh passion!

Chris Curtis

His skill in creating surreal, graphic films combined with poignant performances has enabled Chris Curtis to produce films which challenge and add depth to brands’ identities.


Working with exciting car makers such as Audi, Chrysler and Lexus, Chris has produced standout commercials like the stereoscopic cinema film “A Day in the Life of an Audi Driver”, which was seen nationally by 20 million people in its opening week, and Audi “Dominoes” which featured frequently throughout the 2014 Football World Cup.


Chris also completed a style trilogy for Audi with the live action/collage “Everything else is plan B” films, and expanded into sports with the launch campaign for Betstars, sister company of Pokerstars (the world’s largest online poker site). He directed an epic 60” and 8 x 30” commercials, shot in London at Black Island’s largest number 5 studio, over five days with seventeen footballer players.

Audi - Josh & Lena